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-- Rules --

1. Footdom Content

Content not related to Footdom (Foot-related Femdom) is not allowed here. This is pretty lenient in respect to the femdom part. As long as the girl has a mocking, degrading, snickering, confident, expectant, etc type of expression or similar, it is allowed. All posts MUST be related to anime feet.

2. Of-Age Anime Girls Only

No real feet allowed. All images must be of anime feet only. Traps must have the appropriate flair, otherwise no male characters are allowed. No child-like loli content. Flat-chested, young-looking characters are allowed unless they look like they belong in elementary school.

3. Sexual Content

Sexual content such as nudity and sexual acts (footjobs, etc) are allowed. Guro, blood, scat, or other fringe content is NOT allowed.


Images posted in the past 90 days should not be reposted.

5. Credit / Sauce

Always post the source and credit the original artist whenever possible. If you can't find it, say it in the comments. Boorus are not sources. is your friend.

6. Post Flairs

Please choose a flair that best represents the theme/content of your post. Some posts might fit more than one flair, just choose whichever one you want that is still relevant.

7. User Flairs

User flairs are just for fun and can be used by anybody.

8. Allowed Sites

Allowed hosting sites: /, /,,,,, /,

-- Post Flairs --


Post that contains a male that looks like a female. These posts MUST be flaired.


Post that contains stimulation via feet. Can include stomping, kicking, etc.


Post that contains femdom focused on shoes, boots, sandals, etc.


Post that relates to the future or functionality of the community.


Post that engages the community in a general discussion or fun event (polls, questionaires, etc).


Post that has been translated to English from Japanese.


Post that contains multiple images.


Post that contains a short, animated GIF or video.


Post that contains a girl being dommed by a girl.


Post that contains a video of footdom-themed Jerk Off Instruction.


Post that contains an image that has been censored by a third-party.


Post that contains an image that has a third-party caption added to it.