Here you'll find a little bit of information about the moderation staff of AnimeFootdom.


Just a guy with a JLPT N3 and a love for feet. While living in Japan and going to school there I met YourAnimeAddiction, who definitely helped show me how wonderful feet can be. Now I'm hoping to help spread the love of anime feet with a bit of femdom added to the mix. I have countless other translations that aren't collected on this website. Want to contact me for some reason? Email me at

*Favorite part of feet: Toes.
*Favorite type of footwear: Pantyhose.
*Favorite foot-based activity: Cleaning/Licking.

*Known Languages: English (Native), Japanese (Intermediate)


Hey there! Noticing a severe lack of anime JOI videos in the world, I started out making anime footdom JOI videos on YouTube, which obviously didn't last long before I was banned :P I moved on to PornHub where there were almost no hentai JOI videos at all! After making videos for about a year or two, I moved to Japan where I happened to meet NipponAshi~! We ended up working on a few translations together and helping each other out with school work throughout the year we lived there. I continued making a decent amount of JOIs, but decided to stop making content once I returned home to America. Hentai JOI content is incredibly accessible on PornHub now, so I know I left the community in good hands and I can't thank everybody enough for all their support over the years <3 I won't be around too often, but I hope you enjoy this community! :)

*Favorite part of feet (to be worshipped): Ball.
*Favorite type of footwear (to wear): Fuzzy thighhighs.
*Favorite foot-based activity: Teasing without touching.

*Known Languages: English (Native), Japanese (Intermediate)


Discovering I had a foot fetish was quite a surprise for me! At first it was kinda weird but as time passed, I fortunately learned to fullly embrace it. It's a real blessing to be able to love feet so much! As for my occupation, I help moderate the subreddit and really like making feet-focused hentai JOI videos on pornhub.

*Favorite part of feet: Soles.
*Favorite type of footwear: Tights and pretty much all types of shoes.
*Favorite foot-based activity: Sniffing, cleaning, and licking.

*Known Languages: French (Native), English (Advanced)